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About This Art

About This Art
Kari K. Wilson

I paint in order to examine why everyday visual features of my life and environment, such as roadways, cars and cottages demand my attention and elicit such strong emotion. I prefer working in watercolor as the looseness of this medium allows for interesting accidents. The imaginative world of my paintings are a result of responding to the loose flow of color and shape. When unexpected results suggest unusual happenings in the landscape, I explore, taking it as far as I can. The result is levitating cars, consuming flames and storm surges. These events often surprise and amuse me. I am interested in the juxtaposition of beautiful images with darker ideas. Lush colors and nostalgic objects are seductive yet a closer look may reveal that something is going on and the outcome might not be pretty.


  1. Brilliant! Your art is very evocative. Thank you.


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